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Tax Services

Antonios Souvaliotis
Tax Services Patra

Our experienced staff is capable of providing responsible and timely, timely and correct tax services to individuals and freelancers as well as businesses. In accordance with current legislation, our staff organizes an excellent tax plan.
Our tax consulting services are as follows:
  • Statement of Income Tax of Natural Persons
  • Income Tax Forms Legal Entities
  • Tax Review Statements
  • Capital Taxes Statements (Large Real Estate Tax, E9)
  • Tax Planning of Recommendations - Mergers - Conversion of Companies
  • Tax advice for international executives and employees abroad
  • Tax strategy design
  • Addressing tax audits and settling tax pending issues
We also provide consulting services such as:
  • Computerization / Computing Tips
  • Sustainability studies
  • Cash Planning Organization
  • Update and analysis of financial results during the financial year




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